Friday, June 11, 2010

Backing Up My Pictures

I started saving pictures on my computer back in 2008.
They are organized into months and years.
I've been meaning to make back-up copies of them.
Today is the day.
I headed to Costco for THE TOOLS!

I am clueless when it comes to computer stuff.
I thought I could fit all the pictures onto one flash drive.
I was mistaken.
Each drive only held about one year of pictures.


Today I also helped my little girls with their project!
They have been collecting change for the past 3 months and putting it in this little
"Summer Fun" jar they made...

We headed to the bank to cash it in.
They were so excited to see the total...

Oooh the fun they'll have with 58 dollars and 35 cents!
They decided they will start saving now for next summer so they can have 4 times that much.
Speaking of jars...
D says Many families enjoy the "Job Jar" idea. All you need is an ordinary glass bottle--or any other container for that matter--filled with slips of paper on which various jobs and duties are written. Then every child draws five or six slips to see what his jobs for the week will be.

Well, I survived our first week of summer.
I won't lie to you.
I'm counting the days 'til our vacations.

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  1. I continue to be sa proud of ya!! What a great idea for the pictures! I need to do the same thing...we've already had a problem with Losing a good 2 years worth. :( AND go girls go....$58 can surely provide a LOT of summer fun!! You are an inspiration!