Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Not a fan of sewing buttons back on...
the brown pair of shorts lost a button a couple of years ago.
The white pair a year ago.
I love these much that I bought a black and camo pair as well.

The 5 year old thought her new $5. bargain swim suit from Old "Havey" would be a great splash of yellow. And it is!


Found a needle and some thread and went to work.
As I sewed I thought about all of the fun things I'm going to do with my sister Tricia who is here from Texas for a visit. I was also thinking I should have went to visit her instead of her coming here--then I wouldn't have to do any projects.


D says A choice young mother says she and her children look forward all year to wintertime when they can dress up in snowsuits and have a glorious time building snowmen, making igloos, and sliding down snow hills of their own making.
This choice "young" mother looks forward to summertime...when there's less laundry and lots more playing!

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