Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Beautiful Pantry--Day 8

Doesn't look too bad for a BEFORE picture...

You can't tell by the picture but the baseboards were a little hammered and needed to be touched up.
The casing around the inside of the door also needed to be painted white.

No new TOOLS
Here are 2 new splashes of yellow...


So I may or may not have worked on the pantry a few days last week and didn't blog about it...with all the excitement of the outdoor projects I decided to omit the pantry stuff.
I'll show you the entire pantry tomorrow--finished!
D shares advice on "Growing Your Own...
Along with encouraging your children and expressing appreciation in the usual ways, it can be lots of fun for everyone concerned to do some things a little different. Have any of your children ever found a special thank-you note from you tucked under their pillows? Have you ever included a thank-you note for some special service on your son's part in his lunch along with the sandwiches and an apple? Or how about a little expression of thanks in verse taped to your daughter's mirror? Here's a sample ditty:
I'm really not a poet,
But in some way I must show it--
That I think it's really great
The way you keep your room so straight!
I haven't ever put a note under my kids pillows.
I do put notes in their lunches...
In regards to their rooms my poem would have to read something like this...
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you don't get your room cleaned soon
There will be no food for you!
Almost forgot the other AFTER picture...the casings still need one more coat.

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