Thursday, October 21, 2010

A New Home for the Boat


This side of the house has been wasted space.
My guys who took the tree out last week are the same guys doing this project!
And they're using the same TOOLS they used to take out the tree.

The baby was fascinated by all the big trucks.

Not sure on the exact PROCEDURE...
They cleared and graded the area.
The ground used to slope toward the house but now it slopes more possibility of a flooded basement :)

They brought in a load of gravel...still lots more gravel to come!


The husband and I are so excited about this project!
We wanted to do this even before we got the boat but it meant having to remove that huge pine tree--which the husband was not on board with.
I think he's over it now...he won't admit it but I think even he's glad it's gone :)

Here's another "ditty" D suggests you tape on your child's door...
Great Scott! don't be a fool;
Get your bed made
Before you go to school!

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  1. You folks are B-Z, B-Z people. Please save some time to work on my house. Six kids?!? Cool Beans!

    ~ Yaya