Saturday, November 20, 2010

A New Toilet for the Teenagers

I've been putting off this bathroom, which gravely needs a new toilet, until I was ready to tear out the floor and give the whole thing a face lift.

This toilet has 2 major issues.
1-it's disgusting and won't come clean
2-you have to hold down the handle for like 15 seconds to get it to flush
The brothers don't like to hold down the handle for more than 2 seconds so, much of the time, it doesn't get flushed. I got tired of the sister complaining about her brothers flushing problem and broke down and bought a new toilet.
I'm sad the room isn't getting a new floor and paint at the same time--but seriously, a new toilet is long over-due.

The baby LOVES the grandpa!
She was his little helper, handing him tools he needed, and also a few he didn't.
I wasn't present for any of the procedure.
The sister was (it was like Christmas for her) and she took this picture after the old toilet was removed (actually she took all the pictures).


The boys were quite excited about the separate flushing mechanism for #1 and #2.

The Mom was quite excited to go the rest of the day with NO complaining from the sister about her brothers not flushing. The sister also took down the 5 signs she'd made that were hanging around the bathroom--reminding the brothers to FLUSH!

It's the little boy's job to clean the toilet.
D says As a boy carries out household chores, his mother may remind him occasionally that this is all helping him to someday be a good business executive or construction engineer or to succeed in any profession. Also, this will help him to be a more considerate, understanding and thoughtful husband.
Who knew, cleaning a toilet would have so many benefits for my boy!

Due to the excitement of Game Day I did Friday's project (and by I, I mean the Grandpa) on Saturday.

The big boy's High School team took state last night!!!
It was an incredible game.
They won by 1 point in double overtime!
The big boy played amazing (he's the one putting the beat-down on number 20)--and now he'll be able to flush the toilet just as great as he plays football!

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