Thursday, December 30, 2010

Painting the 1/4 Bath and a Towel Rack and Decor for the Bathroom

This little room is connected to both my daughter's room and the downstairs bathroom.

The daughter helped me paint.
We painted it the same color as her room.
As we painted, we tried to figure out why we didn't paint this when we painted the bedroom 3 years ago...the only reason we could come up with was that I was a pretty big "Almoster" back then.


Here is the BEFORE picture of the bathroom from Monday...


It turned out great didn't it!
The kids love it!
I made them take a good long look at what it looks like clean...and told them this was the new standard.
I predict it will be a mess by tomorrow.
D tells us Your home is undoubtedly the most important temporal possession in your life. Unless you do something to create in it both spiritual and physical beauty, it remains nothing more than a shelter. A sunny gracious atmosphere in your home makes you feel radiant and happy. Dull surroundings push you into a depression...Make your home a haven of peace and beauty for your family. Make it a place where friends will want to visit again.
Pretty sure all our UofU fan friends will want to visit this bathroom again and again!


  1. That looks pretty amazing and I'm a BYU fan. I'm not going to show my boys or they will want a BYU bathroom to rival this one.

  2. I personally think you chose the wrong color. It should be a shade BLUE and the lettering is ALL wrong. ;) jk...I have to admit it looks awesome! We have really really really small bathrooms in our home. I wonder what I could do with it. Maybe I could do the downstairs bathroom like that. Once it is finished that is where the boys will reside.