Thursday, May 12, 2011

Making Eggs and Cleaning the Stove Top

I'm still not back on a schedule in the mornings...since every night is a new adventure with the baby:) This morning as I was making eggs for the 2 and 6 year olds I happened to get a good look at the burners...

BEFORE Look closer...

I have really been out of it to not have noticed them before now. They haven't been cleaned since I "nested" way back in January!

I pulled out the burners, stirred the eggs, removed the tin foil, stirred the eggs, wiped down the stove, salted and peppered the get the idea.



I don't know about you but I feel much better!
And now it's on to making Project 7 happy :)

D asks the question Do you have a blind spot?

We all do! Look carefully. Here are a few typical ones.

*A messy kitchen desk in an otherwise orderly kitchen

*A porch or outside entryway into the home covered with garden soil, leaves, sand or Christmas tree needles

*Bathroom mirrors that are spotted

*Wastebaskets that are overflowing

*Interior of family car that is littered and soiled

*Dust on lamps and shades

*Fingerprints and dust on TV monitors and computer screens

*Cobwebs in corners of rooms and porches

Ugh--not only do we have Christmas tree needles in the basement entryway, but there are also some in the man room sink :( Lovely


  1. A Blind Spot is the perfect description. I know I have them and appreciate when my mom comes to visit and notices it (without being critical)and guides me through fixing it.

  2. I have a solution to your problem. Go to and vote on this new product idea. "Shield-a_splash" will eliminate the need to clean your stove after cooking quick small meals!