Monday, June 13, 2011

The Busy Bee

Summer is here and I have been busy! I should be busy cleaning my own house...but with 7 kids home it seems like a wasted effort :) So I've been cleaning The Beck House...our old house that is between renters. I have about a million projects going on over there and here is one of them.


There's really nothing more fun and exciting than cleaning under the fridge--cleaning under the stove runs a close second!

My Favorite Tool
I've gone through at least a million wet wipes.

More great advice from D...
A mother need not always be at home in order to be in the home. You can help your children even in your absence by doing the following:
*Phone home often.
*Leave love notes in the kitchen or family room, on your children's beds, or taped to their bathroom mirror.
*Place treats and other surprises in strategic spots from time to time.

The only love notes I left was a job list for each of them, does that count?

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  1. I love that you said that summer is here and you are busy. How are you not always INSANELY busy? I have 4/7 the amount of children you have, and for some reason this summer has been crazy. But I am training them in different household tasks, so it's a good busy.