Monday, August 1, 2011

The Lunch With Daryl Project!

I have been so excited for this day! And if I'm being honest, a little nervous too...the Queen of Homemaking, coming to my house!

Daryl, of course, was the guest of honor and we were also joined by...

Stephanie (sister-in-law), Tricia (sister), Emmy (daughter), Me :), Janie (daughter), Megan (sister), Kimmy (sister), Natalie (sister), Jan (mom), Tom (dad) and Lilly (daughter)

Pulled Pork
Frog Eye Salad
Fresh Fruit
Caesar Salad

Fruit Trifle for dessert

My sister Tricia is the Queen of Entertaining and put together a beautiful table.

Lunch was so fun! We talked about our families and many of the blessings associated with being Homemakers. We shared with Daryl how her books (she's written 7 you know) have helped us be better Homemakers.

Even my Dad had a story to tell! He's an electrical contractor and years ago he was on a job site where the work orders were changing he implemented D's filing system which saved him lots of time and frustration.

My mom told D how she used to listen to her tapes as a young mother and she followed D's suggestions for setting up a laundry room and still uses that same system today!

My sister Natalie is the Queen of Cake Decorating and she brought this beautiful creation!

During dessert we had a little Q&A with Daryl. We asked her about things like family traditions and how she got her start as the Queen of Homemaking :)

Daryl with me and my girls

Daryl requested the girls give her a little violin concert (anything for D!)

Possibly the highlight of Daryl's afternoon was Janie teaching her how to work her DS.

Daryl came bearing gifts--she gave everyone a copy of her CD Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference

Thanks to my mom and sisters for bringing food! Thanks to my sister Megan and the Husband for taking pictures! And thanks to D for all her Homemaking advice and for making this fun afternoon possible!

D teaches A woman can't be expected to be a qualified nurse or secretary without adequate training and some experience. Neither can she be a good homemaker without the proper training and experience.


  1. Wow! What a lovely lunch you put on! And entertainment too! You are an amazing homemaker.

  2. Hi Becky, I found your blog through BlogHer and really enjoyed perusing it. I love ideas for homemaking and entertaining to teach younger girls for their future families. Thanks for the great ideas! I'll definitely be looking up D's books!

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