Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lessons Learned from Grandma

To my 5 beautiful girls; Emmy Diana, Kloe May, Gracie Anne, Janie Rose, and Lilly Rebecca and to all my future Grands and Greats.

My life has been blessed by the influence of three wonderful Grandmothers, Emma Leone Child Sollis (Grandma Emmy), Diana Amelia Child Martin (Grandma Dee Dee) and Ona Tolman Moon (Grandma Moon). Although they have all passed away, I find myself thinking about each one of them often…remembering lessons they taught me both through their examples and their stories. It’s Christmas time as I write this and I’ve been thinking a lot about the many fun memories and Christmas traditions that took place with my Grandmas. I can hardly remember any of the gifts I was given, but I remember in detail the family gatherings, the fun times and the great memories. Although none of my Grandmothers were wealthy, in a money sense, each of them gave me the greatest gifts over the years…the kind money can’t buy. Much of who I am comes from who they were and I want for my girls to know what wonderful, faithful lives my grandmothers lived. I hope these stories will build their faith, strengthen their testimonies and bring them closer to their Heavenly Father and their Savior Jesus Christ.

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