Friday, December 2, 2011

Grandma Dee Dee

My Grandma Dee Dee was actually my Great Aunt and Grandma Emmy’s sister. Several years after Grandpa Sollie passed away Grandma Dee Dee’s husband Tom passed away. These two sisters lived just minutes apart and looked to each other for friendship, companionship, and support. Grandma Emmy had six children while Grandma Dee Dee was never ever able to bear children. Our family included Grandma Dee Dee (or Aunt Dee as all Grandma Emmy’s children called her) in all of our family gatherings. She was as much a grandma to me as both my biological grandmas and she too taught me many lessons.

Mother’s Day

…all women have within their divine nature both the inherent talent and the stewardship to mother…

M. Russell Ballard

Every Mother’s Day I honor my mother and my grandmothers. I had a special place in my heart for my Grandma Dee Dee, especially after becoming a mother myself. I don’t know what it must have felt like to not be able to have children but my heart ached for her and hoped that her “adopted” family helped fill the void. I remember her telling us often at family gatherings how much she loved us, how grateful she was for us, and how much we blessed her life. I hope she knew how much she blessed our lives. I hope she knew how much she blessed my life. She was a wonderful loving mother to all of us and we were blessed to have her as such an important part of our family.

The Gift of Music

John 15:12

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

Grandma Dee Dee was an incredible piano player! She could play anything by ear, and I do mean anything. All you had to do was sing her a tune and she could play it. I have fond memories of us performing at a family Christmas party. We all crowded into Grandma Emmy’s little living room (there were probably over 35 of us) and she played Christmas songs on the piano while I played along on the flute. I can remember when I first heard the hymn As I Have Loved You. I loved that song. I asked Grandma Dee Dee if she had heard it and she hadn’t so she had me sing it to her. Then she sat down at the piano and played it. I learned it on the flute and we played it together. I guess you could say it became “our song”. Every time I hear or sing the song As I Have Loved You I think of her.

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