Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Cupboards!

I need to thank Trish (from our Desperate "Dirty House" Wives Club) for inspiring me to clean out this cupboard! Ever since she mentioned cleaning out from under her sink I couldn't stop thinking about the mess mine was in.


Thank goodness I decided to clean out this cupboard...I discovered a little leak problem.

Yes, those brown spots are mold. It looked even worse in real life. Thankfully it was just a loose part...I tightened it up and it was as good as new. And the mold cleaned up quite nicely.

Who knew so much stuff could be packed in there.

Does one really need 2 million plastic bags?? I sent most of them to the recycle bin, put the water bottles out in the garage, and chucked a few things (that is becoming my favorite part of all my projects). D says HAVE THE COURAGE TO THROW AWAY.
You bet I do D! For those of you who currently do not have this courage...try it, you'll like it!


I went totally out of my comfort zone today and did a little over achieving by cleaning out not one, but TWO cupboards!


I haven't used this since I nursed my 2nd baby (she's now 13) the DI it goes!

I put all my canning jars at the top of the cupboard. Since the only thing I can is freezer jam I don't need to get to them very often.
This freed up almost an entire shelf in another cabinet :)


I can almost hear all my little gadgets thanking me for de-cluttering them and finding the strays a home.

Today I will leave you with a little BBA--if a cold, allergies, or your sinus's are getting you down, I highly recommend you pick up one of these...

It will bring sweet relief, I promise!


  1. Go you!
    I discovered a leak too! Luckily (?) there was a big bag of bird seed under my sink to absorb the slow drips.
    I LOVE the neti pot. Well, I don't have the actual neti pot. I have the squeazee bottle thingy made by that same company. LOVE it!

    I better go clean something....

  2. Those cupborads look sa clean and nice and nice and clean. Again ya make me sa proud!!!!

  3. I'm really glad to see that you did 2 projects today, that will justify me not doing anything! I LOVE the throw away part too, but some how it seems that as much as I throw away, walks right back in!