Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painting Around the Window

Last Summer my 15 year old put one of these through my kitchen window...

while trying to hit one of these
(this is one the dog got hold of)

"I don't know how it happened Mom, I was just winding up, and the bat flew right out of my hands!"


Come in for a closer look...

Months ago, when the window was replaced, I never took care of all the touch-up work and it's been bugging me ever since.


Normally I would use a smaller brush but I didn't do a very good paint job around the entire window to begin with, so I thought I'd give the whole thing a face lift. (By the way, this is not the faux painting job I promised, it's coming, later in the week.)

BBA--Take Time or Make Time!
Ok, to be honest, I stole this from my dad. Whenever we start a project he says "Take time or make time"...and what he means is, take the time to do the prep work and clean up throughout a project or you make the time later because it takes longer.
I always suit up in my old painting clothes before painting but with this being such a small project I thought I'd be like Lisa LaPorta on Designed to Sell and paint in my nice clothes (Have you ever noticed how all those designers never wear painting clothes and always look so clean and lovely while they paint?).
As you can see, I should have taken time to change into paint clothes because then I had to stop and make time to clean my pants--and then go put on these...
They have seen me through a lot of painting projects over the last 13 years.


I can't speak for all of you but I am really getting tired of these kitchen projects...D says to "STICK TO A SPECIFIC JOB UNTIL IT IS COMPLETED" so I will take her advice and carry on in the kitchen...but it's so unlike me, not to jump around from project to project.


  1. May the force be with you as you move forward with the kitchen Just humm one of Dad's favorite hymns and it will get you through it! "carry on, carry on, carry on"

  2. I was sa sad to see that the comment I had posted a couple of days ago on this post didn't show up...because I can't remember what I said...but it was a great comment about your sexy legs in the painting clothes!! Your paintin looks sa good!