Friday, January 1, 2010

The Shelves in the Laundry Room


So yesterday as I was making Ramen for lunch (the kids had a choice of Ramen or Grilled Cheese...they chose Ramen???) the gravity of this project hit me and I felt a little sick to my stomach!

The picture doesn't do this justice but there is a thick layer of dust all over everything. I saw right away that this project is going to cause me to break several of my own housekeeping of them being, if you can't see it don't bother dusting it.

My Aunt Judy taught me once that every room or area needs a little splash of yellow to bring joy to the space...thus the bananas.

First I cleared all the shelves...I forgot I had half those cleaning supplies. I'm pretty sure that Murphy's Soap is yours mom. Next I vacuumed all the shelves and then wiped them down. I returned ONLY laundry and cleaning items to the shelves. With everything left I made my 3 piles...DI, Garbage, Needs a New Home. I had the hardest time with the socks. I have socks that I haven't been able to part with for years because I'm just sure their match will surface someday, somewhere. But, I powered through and chucked all socks that I haven't seen mates to in the last 2 months--that was a lot of socks!


D likes to think of an ideal homemaker as a diamond...just as each diamond is cut a little differently, so is each homemaker. D lists 20 Facets (one of the flat, polished surfaces cut upon a gemstone; an aspect of a person) to becoming an IH (ideal homemaker). #1 says an IH is lovely to look at and lovely to be around--she has a wholesome attitude and a pleasing appearance.
Well, I am still in my PJ's (it's a holiday, I'm entitled) and only 2 of my kids are home so my wholesome attitude is still intact, my hair is somewhat still curled from yesterday and I'm wearing a little lip gloss so all in all I'd say I'm one day closer to being the IH!

Tune in Monday for phase 2 of the laundry room...if you check out that space-age 80's light in the picture it will give you a clue for my next project!

PS-Yes, I am well aware it is no longer Autumn...Autumn is my favorite season so I leave those blocks up all year long :)


  1. Looking at your pictures, and reading all that you have done today, makes me tired. I think I need to lay down and take a nap!
    Seriously, Becky! This is huge! If you do this every week day for a year, it will be like working an extra job. Again, I need a nap.
    You da woman!!

  2. Just sa proud of your accomplishment! Brings a tear to my eye! The bananas crack me up! I love the blocks...I think i'll make me some!

  3. This is too funny, Beck! I'm looking forward to learning from you and D throughout the year. Maybe I'll even tackle a few project of my own. Can one still be an IH if they work and are single. I hope so. :)

  4. One can ABSOLUTELY be an IH if one works and is single...really the only requirement is to have a space to call your own, whether it be a house, apartment or can "homemake" it!

  5. I sure hope that didn't interrupt any family fun time ;) Congrats on starting early - we started taking down all the Christmas stuff today and I think its going to end up as a week long project ;)

  6. I'm just sa proud...that's all I can really say! Just sa proud!

  7. I have a suggestion for the socks!
    I had 6 daughters first and then a son.
    I bought only white socks for all the girls. All the same kind. So you never really know when a mate is lost because there are hundreds more just like it! LOL

  8. Trish, love your suggestion...from now on we're only buying white socks!