Friday, January 29, 2010

The Spice Cupboard

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite gadgets...

The TIMER for my mood lighting in the kitchen!
It clicks on in the morning to greet me when I wake up, and then clicks on again in the evening when it starts to get dark.


We've cleaned out enough cupboards by now that I think you all know the drill.

I should really pick up some shorter extension cords.

I probably don't need 3 containers of the same spice so I condensed the 3 down to 1.
There was quite a bit of condensing, relocating, and of course, chucking.


That about does it for my cupboards...the rest are in pretty good shape. I should probably move onto the drawers.
I really like D's advice for today...
"Remember, Mom, you're not the family doormat. Don't let your family walk all over you. Don't let them force you into slave duty. Have some practical family policies. Insist upon their cooperation and respect. They'll think more of you because of it.
Until next week, repeat over and over in your mind, "I am not the family doormat! I am not the family doormat! I am not the family doormat"


  1. Oh man! My spice cupboard could REALLY use some attention! I have this cool spinning spice rack that we got for our wedding, but I don't use most of the spices it came with. I've always wanted to fix that, maybe I will!!

  2. OMGosh!!! I LOVE the timer! What a great idea!
    I have a light on my china cabinet that makes it look so pretty but I never remember to turn it on.
    And I could add lights to the top of the cabinet! Genius!!!!
    What I don't have is an outlet inside a cupboard. Gonna have to think on that.

    Oh! nice spice cabinet too. I have a hanging thingy on my pantry door that is the size of the entire pantry door because I use so many spices and I don't have enough cabinet space.

  3. You don't need shorter extension cords just wind them up tightly and use a twist tie to keep them all together. It will look tidy and free up more space. I love the spice rack, I had one for years but it broke. Makes me want to go get another one.