Monday, February 1, 2010

The Patio


The patio was not on my list of projects for this week (still stuck in the kitchen) but the husband won a BHEA when he decided to tackle this project on his own while I was out running errands this morning...AND he took pictures for me too!! Yeah for rule #3!
(Little Disclaimer: the patio only looks like this 60% of the year...we actually keep it quite clean during the warmer months when we use it.)

(Look at him go! He even remembered the splash of yellow!)


He cleared the patio, found new homes for the bikes, chucked a bunch of the toys, and informed me that we really need to get a shed.
Rather than sweeping he pulled out his leaf blower and had the place cleared in no time.


No room in the garage for the snow blower and lawn mower so they had to stay.

The space stayed clear for about 3 hours until he decided to store this...

on the patio.

D gives a little advice on husbands...
Always remember that you cannot expect perfection in a mate unless you can also offer it. Don't allow one or two irksome traits in your husband to blot out the dozens of wonderful things which he is. Every rose has its thorn--never let the thorn prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the flower.
So ladies...lets take time to enjoy the beauty and the smell of our roses :)


  1. Yea Kevin, You da Man!!!! I'm very impressed, Tom needs a shed too. Maybe the two of you should get together and help each other build a shed. Now that's a great idea!!! You and Tom could start your own blog. haha By the way, one more sleep!!! YEA

  2. Oh Kevin Oh...I am highly impressed with your project!! Nice work!!