Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Top of the Stove

After yesterday's project I decided I deserved an easy project so I chose to clean the top of the stove. As you all now know, I am not a chef (we all know a chef would never have an electric stove). I can say that I do keep the surface pretty clean...but the burners could use a little more attention a little more often.


You'll probably need to take an even closer look...

And there it is...

It's not too bad, right?


Now would be a good time to mention my LOVE for this Quick Job stuff. Years ago I was sitting with my dad on his porch and a door to door sales lady stops by. I would have turned her away but my dad (who is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and always lets the telemarketers give him their spill before he kindly says "No thank you") lets her give her demonstration...she cleaned stains on the carpet, cupboards, the driveway. By the time she finished me and my dad were sold and bought 3 bottles. It is my favorite all-purpose cleaner of all time! Thanks dad for not turning the Quick Job girl away!

Now I know that box says Dobie (probably pronounced "Dough-bee") but in my head I hear "Doobie" every time I think about these cute little yellow scrubbers and it makes me laugh.


Those of us with electric stoves know the tin foil drill right? Remove foil, soak metal plates (I'm sure that's not what they're really called, I have no idea), clean entire surface of stove and underneath plates (Go Quick Job!). Scrub metal plates if necessary (it usually is) and then dry, cover with new foil and put everything back where it goes.

I'm always mad that first time the Spaghetti or Potatoes boil over and mess up my nice foil.

I know, it's not all that impressive of an after picture but how can I top yesterday's project? Anything else pales in comparison.
Today we get to move on to FACET #2, another A word--AMBITION. D says everyone has occasions when they are exhausted, and justifiably so, but some people are always tired--they even wake up tired. If a physical examination proves all is well, perhaps a mental check-up would be in order. It is interesting to note as you observe ambitious people that the more one does, the more he is able to do because ENERGY GROWS WITH USE. D goes on to suggest that BOREDOM may be the problem. I can't remember the last time I was bored. Any time I even think of getting bored I get pregnant and then I'm cured. If any of you are feeling bored come to my house and I'll give you a project or two.

Tune in tomorrow for yet another kitchen project. I'm keeping it a secret but I'll give you a hint...I'm going to have to "glove up" for this one!


  1. wow, glove up? Sounds like it's going to be messy. Can't wait. Yer stove looks "real nice"!!!!

  2. Just to let you know...I should of told you yesterday. The 14th is a holiday so you don't have to do anything today!

  3. Well nice that I read your comment AFTER I already did my project for today! Happy Birthday!!

  4. It will for sure be the highlight of my day! And consider your gift to me! I seriously check this a million times anxiously awaiting the transformation of the next area of your castle!