Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Pantry Project...Finale! Well, for now anyway.

Today I broke another one of my housekeeping rules...
Just close the door and pretend the mess doesn't exist.

D says Getting dressed means putting on something that is comfortable, combing your hair, applying some make-up (remember even a barn looks better painted) and putting on shoes. Shoes which support you well will do wonders to eliminate fatigue and leg and backaches...Don't be just two feet from happiness!

Normally, with a project of this magnitude I would skip getting ready and just dig in. But I took D's advice--showered (and shaved my legs) put on my favorite yoga pants (I haven't actually ever done yoga but the pants sure are comfortable), did my hair and make up and changed out of these (see above picture)...

...and into these!


There's really nothing to say...

The pictures say it all...it's like a bomb went off in my pantry! I don't know how it got away from me.

Now that I'm using this shop vac on a regular basis I should really get me some ear plugs.

I had to restock the Peanut M&M's for this project. The husband won the BHEA (Best Husband Ever Award) when he made me a country mix tape and a disco mix tape on my IPod to get me through the day.


First I cleared the shelves...I had my cute little helper, thank goodness, she was with me from start to finish. This would be a good time to say, I did not install these ugly forest green wallpaper covered shelves, they came with the house. I'm seriously thinking of replacing the shelves and painting the entire pantry barn red to match my kitchen...but that's a project that will take me months to work up to.

Wait! there's more...

At this stage I was feeling just a little overwhelmed, but past the point of no return (love that Phantom song).

The husband won his second BHEA for the day when he brought me my favorite lunch! And then he won yet another BHEA when he ran to Lowe's to get supplies to build a shelf for the top of the pantry. (See the following post for the pantry shelf project.)

This was a gift many years ago from my BFF Shelley. The poor little guy LOST his nose, so for years he's had a pretend nose drawn on his face. But today, the nose was FOUND! Yeah! She also gave me that cute little quilted snowman on my pantry door...such a good friend!

You would never guess, but this little box from the pantry holds it's very own project that will probably take longer than the entire pantry project...I've put it off for 3 years now.


It's a total miracle isn't it?

Every one of the kids said, "Wow mom! It looks so much bigger!"

Apparently LESS CLUTTER=MORE SPACE! Good to know!


  1. Is that Bajio?? MMMMmmmm, Bajio! Yeah, we are so soul sisters! Peanut M&M's, good music, good food... all makes for a fun job of cleaning!

  2. Well I'm just sa honored and proud all at the same moment! You are doing such a GREAT job! I am loving seeing you go, go, go!! I was thinking how fun it would have been to clean that pantry together! (Not to mention sharing the lunch!) Seriously...we should do that one of these times...just think of conversation we could enjoy! :) Hey...and then one of these times you could field trip your blog and come clean and organize MY Pantry!! I completely forgot about the snowmen...but I'm so glad you still have them to remind you of me!! :) LOL!

  3. So I really hope that you ate your lunch in the pantry...I know I would of! I'd probably even go there for my "Mommy Timeouts." Nothing feels better than an organized closet, cupboard or drawer. Very well done my dear!

  4. I would reeaally appreciate it if you could go back to the early morning posts so that I can be inspired at the beginning of my day! Thanks sa much! Sure do luve ya.

  5. Close Leslie--Cafe Rio :)
    Shelley, I totally should do a field trip! Natalie, I'll try to do better, but it's unlikely...I would suggest waiting to look at todays blog the following morning...