Friday, January 15, 2010

Under the Stove


And we thought under the washer and dryer was bad...

Poor poor Polly

A sock? Under the stove?

There's no getting around this...

or this!


Miss Polly cleaned up real nice!


I pretty much did the same thing as when I cleaned under the washer and dryer. That Quick Job worked its magic and after spraying everything down and letting it sit for a few minutes the grime and sticky stuff wiped right off. The wall and the back of the stove were pretty dusty so I shop vac'd, then wiped it all down.


This concludes the Stove/Oven Project!!!
Some of you may be asking, "But what about the drawer at the bottom of the stove?"
Well, I sent these...
...sorry excuses for pots and pans to the DI 2 weeks ago
because I got this...

...most amazing set of cookware from the husband's parents for Christmas! So when I changed out the old for the new I cleaned the drawer.

I SO LOVE these pots and pans...check out the little measuring marks inside the the past I've never bothered to measure what 2 or 4 quarts of water equals...I would just fill the pan and hope I was close.

And check out the built in's the greatest thing ever!
I'll leave you today with an interesting story from D...
One evening a housewife was so tired that she decided to let the dinner dishes go until the next morning. A little later friends called and invited her and her husband to go square dancing that evening. She responded eagerly to the invitation and had a delightful time whirling around the floor. She wasn't tired of activity; she was just tired of doing the dishes. She needed a change. She needed some interesting activity to look forward to and to help her get through the dishes.
The rest of my day is a busy one...I need some interesting activity to look forward to, to help me get through the carpooling, laundry, grocery shopping and errands...maybe I could get the husband to take me square dancing.

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  1. So funny you posted that... for a couple reasons! First, I've bought myself some new pots and pans (from TJ MAXX) in the past couple months. They have the same measurements on them and I love them! Second, we have found socks, Pollys, scissors, and all other "lost" items! Love looking under the stove! We only do it once a year, yours is positively clean compared to what ours looks like most times! :~)