Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Desperate "Dirty House" Wives Club Success Story!

My cute sister Natalie sent me these pictures last week. Her playroom had been getting her down for some time now...even keeping her up at night not knowing how to organize it in a way that it stays organized for more than 5 minutes.

Amazing isn't it!!! Now you are probably thinking...As soon as she lets those kids (she has 5) back in there it will be right back to the before picture...but you would be mistaken because D gave Natalie this idea...

All of the small toys are contained in these cute little bags made out of curtains and rope (you could also use a pillow case or if you know your way around a sewing machine just go buy some fabric). The rope is tied in a knot so the kids have to take the bags to mom to get them open...that way mom has ALL the control and she's sleeping much better now!!

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  1. I feel so honored to have been able to make this site. I'd like to thank my husband and my children for their support and also Becky and D making this all possible. I'm just so touched. I find though once I complete one project my energy level is souring and I can't stop, so I move on to the next. D says that being exhausted doesn't come from the projects completed, but seeing the projects that need to be completed. Oh how true that is!

  2. Are you saying you'd like to thank your husband and children for making it possible for you to have a messy house to clean?

  3. Basically YES! Without them I would not be able to be the Homemaker that I am! I owe it all to them!

  4. Cool blog Becky! I like the toy bags that Mom has to open. I do something similar with my kid's toys. I put them all in those plastic 18 gallon totes. We open one "toy box" in the morning and before bed, the empty box becomes a truck that we drive around the house and pick up all the toys we can find. The next morning, we open a different one and they get to play with different toys.

    -Jenni Hair Hathaway