Friday, February 5, 2010


I mentioned in my first post that D's book "The Art of Homemaking" is out of print. But I managed to track down a couple of used ones.
So, if you'd like to win one of these...

You need to earn some of these...
(tickets not cheerios)

And there are 4 ways to do it!
1. You earn 5 tickets for every project you've done since January 1st 2010.
2. You earn 10 tickets for every project you've done and taken before and after pictures (send the pictures to my email
3. You earn 1 ticket if you're a member of the Desperate "Dirty House" Wives Club on Facebook.
4. You earn 1 ticket for every 10 female friends you invite to join the Desperate "Dirty House" Wives Club. If you don't know how to do this it's easy! Just go to the club's home page and on the left hand side click on "Invite People to Join", then just click on the friends you want to invite.
To Report: You can either leave a comment on the blog or facebook telling me how many tickets you've earned and how you earned them (most of this is on the honor system, remember where liars go ;) or email me
We'll have the drawing later that week.
Good Luck and may the force of D be with you!!!


  1. This is gonna be Leslie's lucky day! I moved into a new house, so I've been doing LOTS of projects! So each of these is 5 tix, right... I haven't done the after pictures yet, so I better get on that!

    1. New Years Eve and Day: painted the living room, 2 coats.
    2. Removed wallpaper in the kitchen.
    3. Removed wallpaper in the dining room.
    4. Painted kitchen.
    5. Painted dining room.
    6. Put curtains up in boys and Anna's rooms. (I'll count these together since I separated the wallpaper and paint!)
    7. Repainted decorative shelves
    8. Put up 4 decorative shelves and washed and reorganized nick-knacks in dining room and living room (2 shelves each).
    9. Finished unpacking and organizing Anna's room.
    10. Shelf papered the kitchen.
    11. Remade curtains to go in living room, involved sewing.

    That's 55 tickets for me!!! I'll get the after pictures done and get 20 more !!!

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  3. 12. I sewed 4 pillows, 2 for the family room, 2 for downstairs.

    I'm also on Facebook... so make that 61 tickets!!!

  4. Okay, after pictures have been sent... I'll let you decide how many tickes I get for them. I don't want to have 200 tickets... wait. Yes, I do!!

  5. I had a baby in January, does that count? :)

  6. Hi Becky! Hope you had a great time on your vacation!
    Here is my ticket count. I confess this would not be near as high without your inspiration...and if I had not taught a class in RS on being organized!
    1 for FB
    140 for the 14 people I invited from FB
    60 because I get 5 for each project: Toy room, hall closet, linen closet, coat closet, fridge, cabinet, over cabinet, Alex room, Alex closet, Emily room, Emily closet, 2 craft projects with Emily done and hung
    100 for the Pictures posted at

    That equals 301.
    Oh, and do I get extra credit for the blog?