Friday, February 12, 2010

The Packing Project

I didn't get this posted before my I'm posting it now :)

A couple of years ago my very wise and very amazing sister Natalie gave me this idea for packing my younger kids clothing.

In the past I always packed their outfits together but after one day the kids would have all the clothes in a wrinkled mess.

By putting an outfit, socks and underwear all in one bag it keeps everything organized and eliminates the chaos.

Another benefit is if the husband should pack the waterproof duffle bag holding the clothes, in the waterproof carrier on top of the car, and along comes a vicious rainstorm that somehow soaks through the waterproof car carrier and waterproof duffle bag, it's all good because the clothes are protected from the elements in their handy dandy little bags!

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  1. I must give credit where credit is deserved...I got it from Tricia when she came and helped out with EmmaLee after her open heart surgery. I too was in complete awe!