Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Cute Little Shelf

Look familiar?

I've never really been a collector of anything except a few snowmen and children...until a few years ago, I thought I'd start collecting salt and pepper shakers. I don't have many (yet) but the few I have are homeless so we decided to build them a shelf!

Almost forgot the caulk gun...caulk really is a miracle fix-all, I love it!

First I painted the shelf parts and then the husband helped me assemble it.

As he was finishing up he asked me why I didn't paint the part of the shelf that will show...I forgot I'd only painted one side (trying to save time), leaving the top unpainted (yes, old habits die hard). But my plan backfired when we assembled it backwards.

Bummer! More painting for me.
We made a few measurements and then hung the shelf.


I love it! And a couple of my girls even said, "It's so cute mom!" Now I need to get a few more sets of salt and pepper shakers!
D says to let your imagination give you the thrill of planning your work and then working your plan. Dream of the excitement you would feel as you see your plans materialize.
Over the past few years my "housework" dreams (I think nightmares may be a better word) have not materialized until this year...and yes, it is very exciting!


  1. I love it!!! Makes me want to start collecting them too.

  2. Look at you girl! I am never surprised at the motivation you have. I am always inspired by you and you may not realize that you pop into my head all the time. You are such a wonderful example and I love ya!! I'm cleaning out drawers and closets now that I've been watching you go..;)