Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family Organizer

This post is dedicated to my BFF Shelley!

A little blast from the past from our college days...back when we were homemakers in training!
Shelley entered our contest a few weeks ago and sent me these pictures of an organizer she made for her family.
I love it and have been thinking about making one ever since.



Isn't that so cute and functional!
Don't we all love cute and functional items!

And here's my BEFORE...

I headed to Walmart this morning at 7 to pick up


have I mentioned my love/hate relationship with the Walmart? I feel more love than hate at 7am, before the rush.

I set my 15 minute timer and guess what?
I had 14 seconds to spare!


Mine didn't turn out half as cute as Shelley's.
I decided rather than trying to come up with a cute cover I just stuck our family goals in the front and I found a cute little yellow house sticker.

D says Housecleaning can be done much more smoothly and faster if things are where they belong and you don't have to shift and restack as you work. It takes longer to set something down, to be picked up later and put away, than it does to put it away in the first place. ORDER would come out way ahead in a race with CONFUSION.
Amen D!
Today I am one step closer to ORDER!


  1. Are you going to wear that beautiful dress to Meggar's homecoming? I bet that is Kev's favorite! Any who....what are you putting in that binder? I've been contemplating D's filing suggestions and I'm really struggling to bring myself to do it, because of the length of time. I cames really close one day...does that count?

  2. If I remember correctly, that beautiful dress was Shelley's...and the beautiful green one she's wearing was mine. I don't know if Kev would love the dress but he would definately love the hair! It's a bit much.
    I put a few school notes for the kids--like their reading logs. There is baseball sign up info in a couple of the kids pockets. A card I need to send to Grandpa... I just put things in there that need to be addressed at some future point. No, coming close does not count...but maybe it qualifies as an Almoster :)

  3. Oh MY MY MY!!!! What an honor and a privilege!! I'm so overcome emotions...I'm not sure how to comment!! :) LOL!! YES...the dress was mine!! YES...our hair was big...but yours was always bigger and how I envied it! YES...we put popcorn on our tree!!! I've always were the ONLY reason I went to Ricks find my long lost friend from our pre-mortal existence!! Still wondering how that doesn't qualify me for winning the book!!! HA!! :)