Monday, February 15, 2010

No More Drawers!

I'm getting anxious to move out of the kitchen...are you as sick of the kitchen as I am??? So I'm going the extra mile and doing a project on this fine holiday, President's Day! I love President's Day...our oldest son was born on President's Day 16 years ago! Anyway, we'll finish up the drawers and then the kitchen will be almost done!

Another great crock pot day!!

I have 2 little girls who love to organize and I love that they love to organize so I turned this drawer over to them.

This is the drawer where I keep all the little kids bowls, cups and utensils. It's the bottom drawer and right by the fridge so they can get their own drinks and cereal. It's very handy, but a little too handy for the baby as she likes to remove all items from the drawer--it's a little game of hers.


Shall we take bets as to how long this will look this way?


It doesn't look so bad...but as we pulled everything out I realized there were a lot of things I never use so into the DI pile they went and several of the hot pads went into the washing machine.


D asks the question, "How can you overcome the feeling of compulsion that makes work a burden?"
Answer: You can learn to do more work and better work than you have to--you can do the best job you know how--you can go the second mile!
So go the second mile my friends and overcome those burdens!

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