Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 1/2 Bath...Phase 1

I am a goal setter.
At the beginning of every year I set goals in several different areas of my life.
The goal to complete this bathroom has been on my list every year since 2006.
To be honest, there are 2 other bathrooms that have been on that list as well. (See what you all have to look forward too!)

I'll admit right up front, the pictures are not going to be all that exciting...

This bathroom was covered with lovely green and beige wallpaper.
If there was a contest for who has removed the most miles of wallpaper, I would be the winner. Hands down.
So, in order to avoid removing more wallpaper I decided to bead board the entire bathroom :)

We put up the beadboard in 2005.
Our nail gun was having a bad day so we ended up having several nails sticking out.

Two years ago while I was nesting...getting ready for baby #6, I decided I was going to finish this project so I started to caulk...things were moving along just fine until I came across this...

There was a big bow in the bead board and it needed to be cut and re-fitted.
This little glitch overwhelmed me, so I stopped caulking and walked away...never went back, until today!

Let me introduce you to my little step ladder.
I affectionately refer to it as my "Grandma Dee Dee Ladder" because it belonged to her and I just love it! It has seen me through lots of projects.

The husband was great to help me fix my little "bowing" problem.
It only took him like 5 minutes...he's amazing, what can I say.

For those of you who have never seen one of these, it is a nail setter (not sure if that is the correct word for it but that's what I call it). It's a handy little tool and I put it to good use today.

And then I caulked (or claulked as my daughter kept calling it) my little heart out. I have probably clocked as many caulking hours as I have wallpaper removal hours over the years, but I find claulking much more fun.

The wallpaper just pulled right off--that has never, ever happened to me.
Normally I have to pull out the steamer and scrape away, sometimes 3 layers.

I warned you...not very exciting!
The entire project only took 2 hours.
Now we can move on to the fun part--PAINTING!!
And then another fun part--A NEW TOILET!!
D gives us a little advice on goal setting...
Look ahead,
Plan ahead,
Keep your head,
And you'll be ahead!

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