Friday, March 26, 2010

72 Hour Backpacks in Less Than 72 Minutes!


2 years ago I decided I was going to get serious about putting together our 72 hour backpacks.
2 years later this was pretty much all I had...

The backpacks have been hanging in the garage...where the temperature hits 120 in the summer and freezing in the winter. Can you imagine what food sitting for 2 years in that environment might taste like?

I wasn't about to taste it...although the 11 year old couldn't help himself and had to eat the jerky. Not sure if you can tell but the cheese and applesauce are a disturbing color of orange.
Check out the expiration dates...


I found these at Lowe's!
And with my coupon they were 40 bucks a piece--TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I like that they are "2 Person" and I feel secure knowing the US Coast Guard approved the food and water :)

Also, I took my sister Tricia's advice and put all the winter hats and gloves into a clear storage bin...

And here they all are in their new home!

I actually added a few extra first aid supplies and personal hygiene items to the gray backpack. This is the perfect place to store the backpacks--the temperature is nice and the closet is right by the front door for quick and easy retrieval.

It's pretty sad when a project I couldn't complete over the last 17 years of marriage has now been completed in under 72 minutes!
D shares with us a cute little poem called...
Just a tiny minute,
Only sixty seconds in it,
Forced upon me,
Can't refuse it,
Didn't seek it,
Didn't choose it,
But it's up to me to use it.
Just a tiny little minute
But eternity is in it.
The husband and I still have a ways to go in the EP (Emergency Preparedness) department.
We'll address more EP when we move to the garage within the next month or so. It will probably take a lot more than 72 minutes, maybe 72 hours, but hopefully not 72 days.

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