Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Shower in the Basement

This is horrifying.
Let's just get it over with.


Before we begin, LITTLE DISCLAIMER--those dark blotches on the bottom of the shower cannot be removed...they are stains from the glue underneath the shower...just pretend it's marble.


And a couple more TOOLS I forgot...


When I started my projects in January my 13 year old asked me if cleaning her shower was on the list.

Yes, yes it was, and probably should have been at the top of the list, but it's projects like these that you sometimes have to work up to.

I started by spraying the entire shower with the mildew remover.
I had to use the electric toothbrush in some areas...a great little tool!
Then I began digging out the grout with the black and red handled tool, I don't know it's name, I just know it works great and you can pick yourself up one in the painting isle at the Home Depot.
This is where the wipes came in...they picked up all the dug out grout.
I sprayed everything down with Quick Job.

And now the fun part!

I grabbed my caulk gun and claulked away!
I immediately realized my caulk was white and I should have bought cream to match the shower, but I was on a roll and we'll eventually be replacing the shower any way so I just kept going.

This took me 2.25 hours from start to finish.


D says after all your hard work, be certain to KEEP your home lovely and clean. A neighbor once commented, "I used to think that you cleaned house and then let it go until it became so dirty you couldn't stand it any longer, and then you cleaned again." she added, "But now I've learned the secret to KEEPING a home clean by following a systematic plan of daily picking up, frequent sweeping and dusting, and then a thorough weekly cleaning." My neighbor further commented that changing her philosophy of "cleaning house when you have to" to "keeping my home neat and clean" transformed her attitude toward housework from "a thing of drudgery" to "a very satisfying experience," and that it also changed her reputation of being a poor housekeeper to that of keeper of a lovely home.

Well, you've just witnessed one of the dirtiest of my dirty little secrets.
Please don't think less of me.

And a big thanks to the husband for rewarding all my hard work with this delicious Heath shake.


  1. You have just inspired me to clean my shower!!!
    It was really the reward that inspired me!

  2. That was amazing!!! You are a hero, the grout job looks amazing.

  3. I don't think you need to replace the shower anymore. It looks great, good enough for your teenagers! Super impressed with your grouting skills, I think you are pretty much a professional grouter!

  4. Ha ha, love the bandanna picture! Classic!

  5. Ok, thats it, I feel like a bum :))) I love it! You did such an awesome job! Love love love this blog!!!!