Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Ceiling Hook or The Hook in the Ceiling

I've been eyeing this hook ever since I first tried to remove it back in October of 2005.
I was painting the ceiling and with my bare hands, I couldn't get it to budge, so there it stayed.
Until today, when I decided to venture out into the garage and get the tool that would loosen it.

Can you see it?
Come in for a closer look.


The wrench unscrewed the hook with ease, and I was left with this...

Pretty sure it was cemented somehow into the ceiling so I had to call in the husband to cut the dang thing.
I can't tell you what he cut it with because it's laundry day and I am buried in it, so I missed the ceremony but it's gone and that's all that matters.
I filled in the gaps with caulk and then did some touch up with white paint (high gloss, of course).


D tells us...A wife really does need help from her husband in regards to heavy or mechanical work (or in my case, metal cutting). Help him to feel that he is needed! Help him to want to do his part! Remember, people will do anything if they really want to. The way to make your husband want to do his part well is for you to do your own work as a homemaker so beautifully that he will want to measure up to his own responsibilities in this partnership.

I'm going to help the husband feel REALLY needed tomorrow when I remind him I NEED him to please
-remove his old broken man fridge out of the family room in the basement
-haul the old mattress to the work dumpster
-and clean all his empty diet coke and water bottles out from under the couches downstairs before the bridal shower I'm hosting on Saturday.
I'll do tomorrow's project so beautifully that I'm sure he'll want to do his part!


  1. It's things like this that makes me so impressed with what you are doing and want to jump on your bandwagon. We all have our ceiling hooks that we've been staring at for YEARS, and never do anything about, but you are doing them! You are my hero! It used to be Kami Greenhagen Jones, so I will have to break the news to her gently.

  2. Thanks Kim! You are too funny! We do all have our "ceiling hooks"...unfortunately some of us (me) have many more than others! :)