Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Many Projects to Count!

I probably did 3 weeks worth of projects today...I was like a well oiled machine going from one thing to the next...I've highlighted just a few.

When we moved in all of our light switch and plug covers were covered in wallpaper...and you all know how I feel about wallpaper.
I replaced all of them except these 2...I left them as a little reminder of what once was.
Today, I chucked them!



The dad was over helping me with another project (stay tuned) so he took care of the one on the left.


Doesn't that look so much better!

Remember my new toilet post a couple of weeks ago?
Well the new toilet leaked so we got another new toilet to replace the original new toilet and it's working fabulous!
(The husband wants to thank the father-in-law for installing this one too!)

It even has one of those fancy "no-slam" seats that shut by themselves!
I showed it to my 11 year old and he said, "What's the point of that since you've banned the boys from using this bathroom?"
He's right, I did ban the boys so it's probably not necessary, but very cool anyway!
I'm thinking of also banning the girls and making it my own private 1/2 bath :)

And doesn't the toilet look especially nice with the new curtain!

While I was working the day away on my projects the husband was doing several of his own...he took care of everything I asked him to do!

BEFORE he removed his broken man fridge...

AFTER he removed his broken man fridge!

D says... A wife, if she is reasonable, doesn't expect a great deal of help from her husband but she does want GOOD help. Ten minutes a day of the right type of help--on a volunteer basis, coupled with the ability to follow through until a task is completed, and combined with a willing attitude--could make a world of difference to her.
10 minutes?
Only 10 minutes?
Don't tell the husband D.
He spent at least an hour or two cleaning the family room today...just look at him go the second, third and fourth mile!

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  1. Holy freak've been busy! Way to go!!! BTW, yes I've tried the cake at Costco......I wouldn't be a true chocolateer if I hadn't, it's to die for!!!!