Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The DVD/Home Movie's Cupboard


This cupboard held DVD's, CD's, and home movies...

more DVD's and CD's


Same as yesterday and the day before.

I found these, which have been missing for a while...

Last Christmas just wasn't the same without my Elf DVD...I looked everywhere for that thing (except in this cupboard).

I found duplicates of these movies (Steph, why do I have 2 of you and Rob's wedding video?)
As I worked the husband serenaded me with the ukulele and an amazing song he made up just for me.


I found a new home for the CD's...which for now is on the husband's desk so he can sort through them
D places a pretty big emphasis on organizing...We all have twenty-four hours each day. Some of us do half a day's work, others a full day's work, and some people manage to do a week's work (comparatively speaking). The secret lies in ORGANIZATION. Or as Doug Heffernan would say, ORGANIZASHEE-OWN!
Tomorrow I take a break from organizing and focus on the 2 M's...Mold and Mildew.
I'll be honest, I'm dreading it, and if I can come up with some excuse to avoid it, I will.


  1. I was looking for my dvd of Rob's wedding just yesterday. Megan watched the one they gave her for Christmas and so I decided to find mine. Maybe the extra one you have is mine? That would be good for me. Looking forward to tomorrow to see how you handle the mold and mildew, yuk!!!

  2. Also loved the big splash of yellow, real nice. Just think of all the time you are going to save now, without having to look for the dvd you want.