Thursday, March 25, 2010


I forgot to mention yesterday, I also organized the movies in alphabetical order!
I know what you're thinking, they will never stay in that order, and you're probably right.

I left this little love note taped to the inside of the door of the cupboard...

Now I have often been asked,
"What in the world is a whoop-slap?"
And to that I reply,
"I have no idea"
But the image it creates in my mind just cracks me up, cracks the kids up too,
and the husband has been begging me to give him a whoop-slap for years.


  1. i appreciated the whoop-slap comment and felt sad that no one else did. ps to the post above this one..what happened to my princess backpack?? it better not be in the garbage.

  2. Never fear Meg, still have the backpack...CC wants to use it for school, she was so excited!