Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Game Cupboards


These cupboards store mostly games and puzzles...a few speakers and electrical chords and the tools that will help the 16 year old bulk up (if he'd actually drink the stuff) so that he doesn't get cracked in half playing football.

Isn't this big guy cute!
The very talented mother-in-law made him for me years ago.

I cleared everything out.
(Let me say something here--BBA...in my past, unorganized life, I would take a few things out at a time and put them away or move them to another shelf...I used to never completely clear the shelves...now I completely clear the shelves, then put back only the the things that belong and that are used...it isn't until the shelf is finished that I put away, throw away, or DI the other stuff...this method has worked well for me, I highly recommend it.)


I made room for the husbands popcorn popping supplies so they are no longer taking up space on the counter.

D says Perhaps your family enjoys such traditions as playing car games as you travel (notice our travel Apples to Apples game and that black case next to the Scrabble game is travel Scrabble!), displaying the flag each national holiday (the husband loves to do this), popping popcorn and eating it together (love love love popcorn--especially Mama Jan's caramel popcorn), freezing your own ice cream and having the first spoonfull right from the dasher (Mom, finally opened that ice cream maker 2 months ago you gave us 3 years ago for Christmas and we makes sorbet's all the time), camping or picnicking in the canyons (love this but don't do nearly enough), or visiting an amusement park each summer (the kids' Papa Tom takes them every year and they love it!)

Tomorrow we move to the DVD cupboard!

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  1. Glad that you finally opened up the icecream maker and it works. I didn't need to see Kevin's popcorn stuff cuz now I need some buttered popcorn. haha, doesn't take much. Feel like I am coming down with something and popcorn always makes everything better, right? I need to do this to my game closet, it sure looks real nice!!!! My problem is the ones I want to throw away are the ones that the grandkids play with the most. They are so beat up, but they still like them. By the way, this is mom.