Monday, March 22, 2010

The Organizing of the Videos

For the next few days we'll be working in the family room in the basement (aka the husband's man cave). The kitchen area stores our very impressive video collection...yes, we still have a VCR in the house and the car!

Another boring day for the tools.
The husband quite likes his buttery seasoning...he's pretty much a professional popcorn maker.

I cleared and sorted...there were a few Christmas videos that are now in one of the Christmas bins. I sent a few to the DI but most of them fit in these...

I had a couple of empty deep drawers that worked great for storing the videos! It is my hope and prayer that this method of storage will not be so easily messed up.

D says Handy drawer dividers can be improvised by using small boxes such as for candy or shoes. Plastic silverware trays help keep small items in order, and plastic ice cube trays make a fine place for earrings. I actually store some of my earrings in an ice cube tray and it does make a fine place for earrings! If you look at last Friday's post you can see the white ice cube tray on the bottom shelf in my closet!


  1. Is D a girl or a boy? Daryl sounds like a boy name to me but I find it crazy that a man would write An Art of Homemaking Book?

  2. D is a can see a picture of her here