Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Girls Room--Under the Crib

When the girls clean their room, this is a favorite spot to shove things...


I let my little helper, who's 1/3rd my size, crawl under the crib to get everything I couldn't reach.

We cleared, sorted, chucked and returned the strays to their homes.

I found more tools to hide from that artistic little baby of mine.
Her love for the toilet has gotten so out of hand that the husband has threatened all the children, if he finds the baby in the toilet, whoever left the bathroom door open gets to wash their hands in the toilet too--he isn't kidding.


As you well know, toys can be a real threat to an orderly house. While children are small, have a box of adequate size for their toys. A sturdy cardboard one covered with stick-on paper makes an attractive and practical toy box. A bright, strong plastic clothesbasket also provides a good place for toys. Then as children grow older and reach higher, drawers and shelves make ideal places for toys if you are fortunate enough to have such space.
Be sure to teach your children to help pick up their toys and put them in the container, even if it is only one toy at first. This sets a pattern; it forms a good habit.

The bad news is clearly I need to work harder at teaching my girls this habit, the really bad news is we clean under the bunk beds tomorrow and I don't even want to think about the mess going on under there.
The good news is I didn't curse not once today!

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  1. Can't believe all that stuff was under the crib, maybe a bigger bed, but a Crib? Can't wait to see what's under the other bed, this is so exciting. It's always more exciting when it's someone else's bed. Enjoyed our visit today.