Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Girls Room--Under the Bunk Beds

The bottom bunk is a full size bed and low to the ground so I had a hard time getting one good before picture so I took several.

That darn Woody cannot find his way home.

And poor Minnie is trapped.

I cracked up when I walked in on my little helper gloving up!
Can't say that I blame her, who knows what could be lurking under that bed.



It took over half an hour for my little helper to get everything out from under that bed.
So I killed a little time on the other side of the room cleaning out this...


Then we chucked and sorted.
I was pleasantly surprised that they had kept these bins organized since the last time we cleaned under the bed.


D says As children reach the age where they enjoy more complex toys, it is helpful to keep them in large labeled boxes, cans, or bags, separated according to type in these individual containers...Allow your children to play with the contents before getting another toy bag or can. Then picking up the toys becomes part of the fun. These containers simplify the picking up process, help prevent toys from becoming broken or lost, and rotate the toys so the children don't see everything every day.
I guess you could say we rotated some of the girls books and toys...the ones trapped under the bed for the past few months.

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  1. I love the feeling of clean and organized children's brings me such peace!