Monday, March 1, 2010

More Organizing

I am watching my cute little niece for a few days this week while my brother and his wife are out of town. I feel like I have twins since she and my youngest are only a few months apart.
I chose a few quick projects to do on the days that she's here.

These two baskets needed organizing.
One is for piano and violin music. The other is for our collection of religious movies for Sunday's.



I separated all the violin and piano music and then sorted them. I put the loose sheet music into folders. I didn't have much in the piano bench so I utilized that as well.


D gives us some great direction today...Analyze your drawers and closets and cupboards. Place things according to how you use them. Have a reason for putting a certain item in a certain place and then KEEP IT THERE. (pretty sure she emphasized that just for me)

I am gearing up for a MAJOR project with the husband later this week...stay tuned!


  1. Oh by the way I made all of my family D's "Treasure Boxes" today! It's caused me to do some serious throwing away, not of there stuff, but of mine. The scrapbook room is experiencing a major overhaul! What I've been putting off for forever will finally come into organization! Sorry no pics!

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