Monday, March 8, 2010

The "Moving" Project


I took the above and below pictures on Saturday.
It about killed me to leave the living room like this all day Sunday--the day of rest (for everyone but mother's)...oh, and I should probably take down that Happy Birthday sign since my son's birthday was 2 weeks ago.

The husband did a great job of putting the bed back together...he bragged that there were no screws or parts left over!

The big boy had a lot of stuff in that room of his...he was especially sad to part with his used iTunes cards he'd been collecting for 3 years.
We got most of his room put back together Saturday but I didn't get started on the living room until about 2pm today and finished getting all the little boy's things put away by about 6pm...thankfully it went much faster than Saturday's project!


My boys are 16 and 11.
They have always been great friends and it's fun to see them work together on this project.
It's also fun to get rid of so much stuff!
I am making a DI run tomorrow and I'm pretty sure it's the biggest DI run of my life!

Order is restored to the living room!
D's FACET #4
An ideal homemaker realizes that order must be the first law of her home. With her home free from clutter and confusion, maximum progress and accomplishment may be enjoyed by family members. This helps bring about a tranquil atmosphere which is a blessing to all.

I'm still deciding what to do for tomorrow's's between a bookshelf, curtains, a ceiling hook and a closet.

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  1. It looks amazing! What a great feeling of accompishment you must have. I'm just sa proud!!!