Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Blinds in the Dining Room

D says to avoid having in your home time-consuming articles to clean, such as elaborate chandeliers and Venetian blinds unless you like them so well you feel the time spent keeping them up is justified.
I didn't have a choice in blinds since these are what came with the house...I could change them out I guess, but that would require shopping and you all know how I feel about shopping.
I think we can agree that once you've seen one of my blinds, you've seen them all.
I think we're familiar with the tools and procedure by now.

Those little ones below are my light weight compared to all the rest and easy to transport to and from the tub.

I have big news!
Tonight I have my first DIRTy Little Secrets speaking engagement!
I'll be teaching a little class on motivation for cleaning and organizing.
Who would have thought, just 4 months ago that I could teach a class like this?
It just goes to show, anything's possible.

I thought it would be a good idea to take these...

...I'll pass them around to give everyone the extra energy they may need to get through it.

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