Friday, April 9, 2010

The Last of the Blinds (well upstairs anyway)

Saved the best for last!

The only blinds left to clean (upstairs) are in the master bath and the little girls bathroom.
The above picture is the blinds in my master bath...I avoid this bathroom at ALL costs, it's horrible. It needs to be completely gutted...which is why it is completely neglected.
It is my hope that some day this year I will have the energy to remodel this bathroom as it would truly be the crowning glory and mother of all projects.

This one was the hardest to clean and I had to scrub (not just a light scrub, but the "elbow grease" kind of scrub) every individual slat to get them clean.

The baby was at my side watching the entire procedure and kept saying "Ewww Ucky...Ewww Ucky". She was also fascinated with the shower and was bound and determined to get wet.
(you can't actually see the water from the shower but here she is sticking her hand in it)

I've learned 2 major blind cleaning lessons.
First--I think the next time I clean blinds I'll do as my friend Leslie (you remember Leslie, the big contest winner) suggested and when the weather is nice, take them all out to the driveway and power wash them.

Second--see these little clips that hold the decorative headers for the blinds?

I used to really struggle to get those headers back on but now that I've done so many I'm pretty much a pro at it...see, practice does make perfect!


I should have known better than to let the baby into the bathroom with me while I was working...the minute I got distracted with my photographing she went right for the toilet.
So with camera already in hand I captured the moment of the baby in the toilet.

You'll all be glad to know that we will not be doing the basement blinds for a while!
Remember me telling you how my daughter broke my sewing machine?
Well yesterday she bought her very own machine for me to borrow!

I've got a craft project or two for next week when I try out her new machine!
It's noon and I've finished my project for today along with all my other housework!
D says while working about the house, wear a cobbler-style apron with large pockets. In one pocket place items which are to be put away, in another one put things which are to be thrown away, and in the third pocket carry a dustcloth and a damp cloth or a sponge in a plastic bag.
I would totally use something like that!
It sounds a little like a cross between a fanny pack and an apron.
I'm pretty sure my sister Natalie (who was the sterling scholar in home economics and is an amazing seamstress) will want to design one of these for me.
She's so talented and crafty and would totally make it functional AND fashionable.

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  1. Hi Becky! I finally made it to your blog. It's very inspiring, and does indeed make me want to clean my blinds. They are yucky. I've thought of doing a blog just like this, only I never did....but good on you for carpeing the diem! I miss you! remember when you came to my house for a book club! We should really have become better friend. facebook me sometime