Monday, April 5, 2010

The Blinds in the Girls Room


Lots of little fingerprints wading through the dust.

I still remember the last time I cleaned these was the summer of 2008.
I was 7 months pregnant and in the nesting phase (unfortunately it only lasted a couple of days).
I cleaned every slat individually with these...

Went through an entire pack and then some.
It took FOREVER.
Giving them a bath is much faster and easier.


And a few more TOOLS
I love candy happy they make them for Easter :)

I did one set of blinds at a time.
Gave them a bubble bath and let them soak.
While they were soaking I washed the windows.
Then gave the blinds a quick scrub down.
And finished with a good rinse.

While removing these I saw that one had broken and even though when it was in position you couldn't tell it was broke, I pulled out the glue gun and fixed it right there on the spot (I know, so unlike me).


Not what you were expecting is it!
Don't worry, I am not an almoster!
I was confronted with another unfinished project I had forgot about and I can't put the blinds back up 'til it's tune in tomorrow for that project and the final AFTER!
It's time we discuss FACET #5
D says the poet, Robert Frost, was asked, soon after his eightieth birthday, how he managed to crowd so many interesting, important things into an unusually vital lifetime. he said, "Learn how to do the things you HAVE to do more quickly and effortlessly--save minutes--and you will gain an extra hour or more every day to do the things you really WANT to do--to see friends, listen to music, or look at others in your community, civic, church, and religious activity...make the projects for which you're always saving, or perhaps even write a little poetry."
It had never crossed my mind that I could save minutes for writing poetry.
Maybe I'll write the husband a poem since he wrote me a Rap song when we were in High School. It went something like this...
My name is Kevin and I'm here to say
I love this girl in a major way
Her name is Becky she is so fine
I've known that now for quite some time
I can't remember the rest...but you get the idea.
You didn't know the husband was so multi-faceted did you.
He's amazing, he really does deserve a poem from the wife, it's the least I could do.


  1. Looks so good! Are these the "Faux Wood" Blinds from Home Depot? If so I am so happy...I wasn't sure they could be immersed in water! Our house has lots that need a good bathing!! :)

  2. These are not the Home Depot "Faux Wood" blinds but my mom has them and she has bathed them and they turned out marvelous!