Monday, April 26, 2010

The Garage -- Part 4

We had to move all of this...

to get to these shelves.

First I made the call to get the recycle people to come pick up the fridge...been meaning to do that since the husband moved it out of the basement.
We cleared, sorted, chucked, and wiped down the shelves.
We filled the shelves with Christmas lights and truck/car supplies.


It's only 11:30 am and already the day is a success...
-another shelf in the garage is cleaned
-bills have been paid
-beds are made
-straightened the house
-cleaned the stove and oven
-dishes are done and the kitchen is clean
And of course I'm ready for the day--since we all know beauty is a duty.

D tells us An ideal homemaker makes the best use of her time and energy by being efficient so that she is able not only to keep up with her housework, but she is able to be a companion to her husband and a friend and teacher to her children. She is able to pursue some personal interests which further contribute to her happiness and development.

Now the fun begins when I fill the crockpot for dinner and get back to work on a craft project I'm in the middle of.

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  1. Becky--you are truly inspiring. I just wish that we lived by each other--though I'm sure you aren't planning on moving to Iowa any time soon. Thanks for this wonderful blog. I'm having fun copying you. I'm just too reluctant to put up my before and after pictures!