Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Master Grocery List

Another, couldn't-coordinate-schedules-with-the-husband day so hopefully we'll get back to the garage tomorrow.
Last year I started to put together a Master Grocery List.
I'm a great starter.
I've used a MGL for years but it was put together by somebody else so it didn't quite meet all my shopping list needs.
I hammered one out today!
I put it on the side of the fridge where the kids and husband can see it too--this way they can just highlight things they need rather than tell me, since I usually forget.

I'm sure it will still need some tweaking but for now it's WAY better than what I had before.
My TOOL was the laptop and printer.
I forgot to take a picture but here's a splash of yellow for the day...

Easiest dinner ever!
We'll add a green salad and I am going to attempt to make a new Homemade Fries recipe--I so love potatoes in all their various forms.

D says It is a good idea to make a list (and refer to it frequently) of all your husband's good points and the many things he does for the well-being of you and your family. Capitalize on his virtues rather than his shortcomings. Think back to the qualities which first attracted you to him. Always keep in sight the things which caused you to fall in love--and this will help you to stay in love!

Here are a few items on my list of the Husband's good points:
-He cuts my hair
(saves me a small fortune)
-He gases my car
(not sure why, but I don't like to do it)
-He also keeps the family car very clean and smelling very nice
(I so love a clean, nice smelling car--he surprises me each week with a new scent)
-He returns the RedBoxes
(another thing I don't like to do, lame, I know)
-He is the Master of making Master Lists
(He even has a color coded system with various fonts!)

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