Thursday, April 29, 2010

Painting Some Trim

It's snowing and I can hear birds chirping.
Isn't that lovely.
Another indoor project.

Somehow this little piece of trim got a primer coat back in 2006 and that was it.

So that "Service" Can was a little something my 13 year old put together for her Family Night lesson last Sunday.
It has proved to be the BEST TOOL EVER!

Inside the can holds all kinds of ways the family can serve each other.
She promised a huge candy bar to the person who served the most.
(I told her it's not really service if you're getting rewarded with a candy bar, but she went ahead with it anyway.)
Every time they do a service they get to put a mark by their name on the back of the can...

Now, it's only Thursday but never have I had such an orderly house.
Every time I go to the dishwasher it has been unloaded for me.
Bedrooms are clean.
Even the baby's blankets are folded in her crib.
I'm sure it could get old any minute but for today I am loving it!
The daughter is a genius!
I actually think they are more obsessed with who gets the most tally marks than who ends up with the candy bar.

I taped and painted.
This should have taken 10 minutes.
But when I went to clean out the brush I had to first clean out this...

Then, as I was doing the dishes I remembered a few spots in the 1/2 bath that needed to be touched up so I went and did that.
D says Whenever you do any painting around the house, fill an empty nail polish bottle with some of the left-over paint. The small brush is just the right size for touching up the chips and scratches that will inevitably appear.

That is a good idea, but I'm not sure how to get the paint into the bottle without a they make a funnel that small?

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  1. And how exactly would you get an "EMPTY" nail polish bottle? Could you ever really clean the little guy out completely?? Interesting!! Happy 4 months with this GREAT project!! :) And I LOVE the Service jar idea!! Way to go Emmy!!