Friday, April 30, 2010

Organizing the First Aid Supplies

Woke up again to snow falling and birds singing.
Snow covered tulips are depressing.

This drawer's only purpose is to house the first aid supplies.
It's a mess and hard to find anything.


I cleared...then sorted and put like items into individual bags.

Upon finding matches, scissors and meds, I decided it would be wise to relocate most of the first aid supplies to a shelf out of the baby's reach.


I left the container with the band aids in the drawer.

D says With experience comes a kind of Sixth Sense which tells you just how much is a pinch of salt; it informs you, without unnecessary peeks, when a cake is ready to come out of the oven; it gives you a nudge to investigate when Junior has been a little too quiet for too long.

I think it was my 6th sense that led me to the first aid save me a call to the fire department, poison control and paramedics.

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