Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleaning Out Drawer #1 of the Filing Cabinet

Now that the filing cabinet is so accessible I have no excuse not to clean it out.
D says As you are aware, people are always saving things, but few of them can ever find these items. I hope you're different! The secret is to keep good files. It isn't necessary to invest in expensive file cabinets; sturdy boxes can do quite nicely until you can afford the other.

The recycle garbage can, along with my usual skills.

Many of the files haven't been looked at for years so there was a whole lot of stuff to fill the recycle can.
Sorted and filed a few things.
Created a couple of new files.


We added a new member to the family last night.
Meet Chuck...

The baby quail.
The kids knew I would never let them rescue him (or her?) from the backyard...
So they went right to the husband.
They begged.
He couldn't take the pressure.
He never can.
He gave in and now Chuck has taken over the late Clementine and Cleo's home (the oldest daughter's hermit crabs she forgot about and starved to death).

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  1. That's exactly why you should invest in a cat. The only things like Chuck that come to our house are dangling from Oreo's mouth. Sick, but true. Poor quailie... I'd have saved it too! What kind of heartless gutter snipe are you?? LOL! Glad your kids get their compassion from Kev! Just kiddin... have fun with your birdie!