Thursday, May 27, 2010

Relocating the File Cabinet to the Office

D tells us Perhaps a list kept in a conspicuous spot of duties your husband should do would help him. Such a list is a better reminder than a wife's nagging, it could help him to plan and organize regarding his obligations around the house, and he could experience the satisfaction of crossing off items as they're completed.

I made this list for the husband a couple of weeks ago...he's actually completed one of them and is in the process of completing a few more, but he doesn't experience the satisfaction of crossing items off a list like I do.

I forgot to put "Move the filing cabinet--AGAIN--for the wife" on his list.
He was great to help me do "His" project--as he so nicely pointed out.

He's my favorite tool :)

He hauled those heavy drawers, one by one, up the stairs to the office.
I wanted to promise him he would never, ever have to move it again, but really, he knows me better than that.

I did help him move the cabinet.
He said it was the least I could do.
And it was.
The baby's "there's stuff within reach that I can get into" radar went off and she went right to work.


Needs a little splash of yellow, doesn't it?

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  1. I have a new pretty office. I am going to have Dale move my file cabinet for me over the weekend! It is in my bedroom it will be so nice to have it in a the proper place! So impressed by all your projects...keep up the good work!