Monday, May 3, 2010

The Garage--Part 5

66 degrees = Lovely weather for cleaning the garage
and the husband was so great to delay going into the office to help me.

See other garage posts for THE TOOLS

I found these with the husband's nicely organized fishing supplies so I helped myself to a few.

We cleared, relocated, chucked and DI'd.


This space is now home for
hunting supplies
a cute little Christmas tree for the yard
golfing tools
and water storage
I'm sure we'll fill the rest back up in no time.

D says an ideal husband and father will work with his wife in the guiding and training of the children and will be a companion and teacher to them. There is much more to being a father than merely to help create the children and provide for their physical needs!
The husband is especially ideal at guiding and training his boys in the way of GOLF, HUNTING, and FISHING!

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