Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Garage--Part 6

You know those people who's garages are finished to look like another room in their house?
Well, obviously we are not one of those people.

See "The Garage--Part 1" for THE TOOLS.
I spent most of my time sorting through this bucket full of these...

I knew it was full of Rescue Hero's but I was surprised to find it held so many other toys...

Many of which I've been looking for and was sure I would have found by now with all of my cleaning and organizing.
I have no idea how all this other stuff ended up in there.

I had searched high and low for this game...

Back in the day I about went nuts looking for these little guys...

While I went through the toys the husband sorted, chucked and DI'd everything else.

Still not much to look at but hey, it's a garage!
D tells us It is a choice husband who will carry out little projects which need attention for the physical well-being of the home such as fixing leaky taps, repairing loose door hinges, and mending broken toys.
And cleaning out the garage :)

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