Friday, May 7, 2010

Cleaning Out The Recliner

So today is Friday!
Aren't Fridays the best.
The husband is taking me to dinner and to see "Date Night" for our date night.
I pretty much live for date night--
If it weren't for date night I'd almost never get an uninterrupted hot meal.
I needed a quick and easy project for today.

This is my favorite piece of furniture.
It has been with me since the final months of my last pregnancy and is a loyal friend :)
This chair and I have watched A LOT of HGTV together.

I thought you might be surprised to see that I do not need to clean under my recliner.

It's the back that's the problem.
I came across this little mess while looking for the battery to my Tivo remote (my favorite electronic gadget).

Come in for a closer look...

I was so happy to find that binky. It disappeared a few days after I bought it.
And here are a few more little treasures...

That sock's been missing for a while...luckily when I cleaned out the laundry room it's mate was one of the few socks I didn't chuck.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the back has Velcro (one of THE greatest inventions of all time) at the bottom. So I just tore it right open and vacuumed up the mess. Took less than a minute!

(that little white guy is a tag, not more popcorn)

When cleaning upholstered furniture D recommends to:
1. Clean with Vacuum (check!)
2. Clean with upholstery shampoo.
Avoid cleaning too frequently because shampoos tend to dull and fade fabric...
Which is why I didn't shampoo the chair, for fear it might dull and fade the fabric.

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